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How to Choose the Right Teach Yourself Photography Guide

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Taking a digital photography course can help you learn the specialized skills you need to become a highly sought after professional photographer. However, it’s important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with each of the digital photography courses here before making the commitment to participate in one. Choose from a wide variety of digital photography course materials and instructors to get a well-rounded photography education, whilst enjoying the convenience of learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


Why Digital Photography Courses are the Best Choice

If you want to learn how to take better digital photos or enhance your photography career, you can benefit from taking a digital photography course. There are several good reasons why taking a digital photography course can be a good decision for you.

  • Save Time and Money – The vast majority of online digital photography courses that are available today are designed to help you learn photography in a relatively short period of time, with rates that are significantly lower than university photography classes. The courses that we researched tended to run from as little as $13.72 for eBook digital photography courses to just over $600 for a full-length instructor-led course environment, as compared to college classes which can range in the thousands of dollars. This means you can take advantage of several classes and earn the knowledge to launch yourself as a professional photographer in very little time.
  • Flexible Learning Style - Instead of being stuck in an art school or classroom environment during set times, photography students can learn from the convenience of their own home with online digital photography courses. Additionally, since many of the digital photography courses included eBook and online learning materials, this means the lessons can be enjoyed while on the go, through the use of mobile devices like smart phones, iPad's and Kindles.
  • Gain Access to Professional Mentors – While learning takes place on an individual basis, we found that several of the most popular digital photography courses included access to a student support center and mentoring from seasoned professionals. Photography students can usually submit their photos for critiquing, obtain personal guidance from advisors, and stay in touch with other students at varying levels of skill. Even after the course is completed, students are encouraged to participate in online forums and contests, all the while getting feedback from other more experienced photographers.
  • Get Support to Start a Business – Perhaps one of the best features of the online digital photography courses we reviewed is that many include information and resources for starting a lucrative photography business. This is not something you will get from a photography course at a traditional university. Some of the digital photography courses even included help for setting up a photography website, business plans and checklists for being a more organized photographer on paid projects. Being able to get clear advice and support to start a photography business is well worth the small investment in these digital photography courses.



Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Photography Course

Just as you would evaluate any other type of learning program, it is important to understand what to look for when choosing a digital photography course. By taking the time to carefully evaluate the qualities of each photography course, you will have the best chances of walking away with the experience you need to be a successful photographer. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a digital photography course.

  • Course Levels - While many digital photography courses are geared towards beginner level photographers, some include advanced information that is more suitable for photographers who have one or more years of experience. Keep this in mind when evaluating each course for its suitability to your needs. Start with digital photography courses that are at your level and work on concepts that are more complicated once you have your feet wet.
  • Special Equipment  - Depending on which digital photography course you choose, keep in mind that you may need to purchase a higher quality digital SLR camera, lenses and lighting equipment in order to complete lessons. No two digital photography courses are alike, so be sure to read through the course descriptions in advance. You may be able to get by with your current camera equipment for now, but plan to purchase digital camera equipment and photo editing software in the near future to enhance your ability to take great photos.
  • Fees and Length of Course – While we did find that many of the online digital photography courses were very affordable (less than $20), the lengths of the courses varied from just 3 weeks to 24 weeks. It’s advisable to choose a photography course that meets with your needs in terms of budget and time needed to learn the materials. The positive thing with all of the digital photography courses is that you can learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you, and you can generally make payments over time for some of the more expensive courses.
  • Diploma vs. non-Diploma Programs – If you are seeking credentials to impress future photography clients, then you will most likely want to participate in a digital photography course that offers a diploma or certificate upon completion. The good thing is that there is no real degree or diploma requirement needed to be a professional photographer – only the sincere desire to take beautiful photos and learn all you can about the craft.
  • Photography Course Support – One of the unique perks of taking an online digital photography course is having personal support from instructors, advisors and other students. This can be invaluable as you go through each module of a digital photography course and learn new skills. Look for photography courses that offer online student support, forums and customer support for the best experience during and after the course



The Bottom Line

You have come to the right place to find the best digital photography courses online today. By visiting No1Reviews.com and browsing through the digital photography courses we have reviewed, you have taken the first steps towards becoming a well-paid freelance photographer in the exciting world of digital photography.