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Digital Photography Success Review

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Digital Photography Success is a digital photography course with a very straightforward and easy to follow program. The course was developed by Amy Renfry, a seasoned professional photographer and teacher from Australia. For many years Ms. Renfry has been instructing others on the digital camera techniques that she has used to capture stunning photographs. Her common sense approach to digital photography gives students the tools they need to take expert photographs, even with amateur digital cameras

While the website for Digital Photography Success is basically a landing page that provides a general overview of the digital photography course, the materials and information of the course are very in-depth. The lessons for Digital Photography Success include topics such as advanced photography techniques used by the prof, lighting and angles for superior results, interesting photography backgrounds, outdoor vs. indoor shots, a review of the best filters and lenses, portraiture, as well as many tips for stunning color capture, and black and white pictures.

The course consists of a two part, digital textbook, followed by monthly issues of a proprietary digital photography magazine called “Focus”, all conveniently delivered by email. The course books include fully comprehensive “Digital Photography Success” and “Advanced Digital Photography” modules, each designed to take photographers to their next great level of photography in a self-paced format. This makes Digital Photography Success the perfect digital photography course for students at any level of experience.

We recommend Digital Photography Success for several reasons. First, you get all course materials from the start, including instant access to all back issues of Focus magazine. Then you get Focus every month for life, or for as long as you choose to receive this valuable resource. The digital photography course takes you through every thing you need to know as a professional photographer, as it is written by an experienced and successful photographer. For an incredibly low cost you get a lot of value in Digital Photography Success.

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