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Learn and Master Photography Review

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Learn and Master Photography, part of the Learn & Master series of interactive courses from Legacy Learning Systems, is a fully interactive, home study course that’s focused on helping amateur photographers learn the tricks and techniques to take better photos.

Taught by master photographer, Vince Wallace, the entire course consists of a series of DVD’s, a full color lesson book, practice photo examples to use for reference and a complete student online forum where participants can learn at their own pace while being fully supported. This exciting photography course teaches everything from the basics of taking great photos to advanced digital camera and photography editing software techniques that only the best professional photographers know.

We choose Learn and Master Photography for our Number One spot for photography courses for several reasons. First and foremost, the instruction is amazing, as taught by nationally renowned professional photographer and art teacher, Vince Wallace. Secondly, the overall cost is surprisingly low for a photography course of this nature.

As compared to other similar home study photography courses, Learn and Master Photography is very affordable, with payment plans for students who wish to take advantage of this course in its entirety. Additionally, there’s no waiting period to get the lessons. You get the entire 15 DVD and 2 CD set, along with the workbook from the very first payment and you have 60 days to get your money back if you don’t find that the course meets your expectations. No other photography course offers this guarantee.

As a photography instructor, Vince Wallace holds nothing back in this fun, informative course. His years in the photography and art business shine through as he patiently guides students through all 24 up-to-date, photography lessons. Additionally, Wallace interacts in real time on the student community forums, where students can talk about their projects, share photos and get feedback from others in a positive environment. This alone is well worth the investment in the photography course, for nowhere else can you get the help and support of other serious photographers. It’s akin to taking a full college class at an expensive art school, or joining a fraternity of photographers, but without the high costs associated with universities!

  Learn and Master Photography is well-designed, easy to understand and highly affordable.  

An in-depth look at the entire photography course reveals that each lesson has been expertly created to help you get the most out of your photography experience. It’s not like the older style photography courses where you only learn the parts of a camera or look at old-timey black and whites. The Learn and Master Photography course is the most advanced home-study photography course you can get today.

This course includes lessons on digital SLR camera manipulation, photography file management, studio and environmental framing and lighting tips, photography editing and effects, and much more. The lessons found here are the most relevant skills taught from the real-life perspective of a professional photographer who has been in the industry for many years. All lessons are designed to help photographers at all levels produce much better shots and have more fun with their cameras.

The Legacy Learning Systems’ website for Learn and Master Photography is easy to navigate, with all links working and an easy ordering process. Students may choose to pay online in full for the photography course at $149, or break up the payments into three monthly payments of $49 each plus a small service fee of $4, by secure credit card or PayPal.

Once the course payment is made, the entire set of 15 DVD’s, 2 photography sample CD’s, a full color workbook and other helpful literature is shipped out promptly. It generally takes about a week to receive the course materials, but this depends on where you live. In the meantime, as a new student you also get an immediate email with information concerning where to log into the student website and forums. There is also access to live telephone and chat support if you need to speak with a person at anytime during this process.

We found that the Learn and Master Photography series is a high quality, teach yourself photography course designed to help photographers at all levels become better photographers, and have fun while taking great photos. As compared to other self-study photography courses, Learn and Master Photography is well-designed, easy to understand and highly affordable. This makes it attainable by new and experienced photographers alike, who want to learn how to best use their digital SLR cameras and take professional quality photos for business or pleasure. Anyone can benefit from entertaining, interactive lessons and comprehensive course materials offered by Legacy Learning Systems.

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