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Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Digital Photography (Chris Bucher) Reviews

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Category: Teach Yourself Photography Guides (AKA Photography Courses)

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Digital Photography (Chris Bucher) Costs & Features

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  • Free preview of the course materials
  • $29.99 for instant purchase online
  • One time fee to purchase the complete eBook course
  • Over 125 pages of full color, visual lessons on digital photography
  • Frequent updates from the author and other lessons available
  • Step-by-step instructions on many digital photography techniques including
    • Photography composition and lighting
    • Digital photo editing software tricks
    • Mixing and matching focus and lenses
    • Cropping, resizing and sharpening photos
    • Creating impressive prints and photography projects
  • Ability to search for other courses written by the author on the book website
  • Author’s website has a searchable gallery and listing of other publications


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