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Tony Page's Take Better Digital Photos Reviews

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Category: Teach Yourself Photography Guides (AKA Photography Courses)
Website: http://www.travelsignpostsphoto.com

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Tony Page's Take Better Digital Photos Costs & Features

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  • 3 week free email photography course trial
  • $47 one-time fee for the entire eBook photography course (includes one-year access to the Silver Membership to Travel Signposts photo website)
  • $59.95 also buys “Get Guerrilla Travel Photography” course
  • Unconditional 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free bonuses for students who purchase the eBook course


  • Content packed 135 page digital photography course
    • Detailed information about digital camera equipment
    • Tips for taking better digital photos right away
    • Digital photography composition
    • Subject matter and treatment of subjects
    • How to make your digital photos look good
    • Digital photography design elements
    • Using lines to give digital photos substance
    • Identifying shapes to create points of interest
    • Using digital noise to create texture in photos
    • Using point of reference in photos for depth
    • Lighting techniques for stunning photos
    • Balancing images and handling backgrounds
    • Using patterns in photos for interest
    • Managing the Rule of Thirds in images
    • Conveying emotions with colors
    • Framing shots and negative vs. positive space
    • Using depth of field the right way in photos
    • Creative angles for stunning shots
    • Camera settings and what they mean
    • Flash techniques for better lighting effects
    • Movies, sound and film enhancement
    • Filter and lens tips and tricks from the experts
    • Digital printing techniques and post-production advice
    • Designing your own photography portfolio online
  • 3 Free bonuses for students who purchase the course in full
    • TBDP cribsheet – reference sheet for in the field
    • Super photo glossary of common terms that experts know
    • One year Silver Membership to Travel Signposts Photo website
  • Opportunity to purchase “Get Guerrilla Travel Photography” course for only $17 more
  • The website is searchable by topic, the book is searchable by chapter


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