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The Photography Institute Reviews

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Category: Teach Yourself Photography Guides (AKA Photography Courses)
Website: http://www.thephotographyinstitute.co.uk

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The Photography Institute Costs & Features

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  • Standard Course Fees £550.00
  • Several convenient payment plans available
  • Special offer through this link of £50 off the course cost


  • 24 week online digital photography course
  • 12 in-depth digital photography modules
    • About all types of cameras and lenses
    • Shutters, aperture, ISO and their relationships
    • Exposure and metering tips and tricks
    • How to take better quality photos
    • The film and digital processes
    • The relationship between light and color
    • Expert photographic lighting techniques
    • Photography equipment and software
    • Retouching, resolution and printing
    • All about the studio environment
    • Constructing a professional portfolio
    • How to get work and dealing with agents and agencies            
  • Diploma in digital photography upon completion


Prices and features are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website. Click on the button below to check out ThePhotographyInstitute.co.uk for yourself...

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