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Technically good but lacking in practicality
24 January 2016
Reviewer: Shutterbob from Surrey, England

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I am half-way through the course and finding it tough to keep going. This is not because I find it challenging - but rather because it lacks interesting content.

The course is techically very good, there is some excellent content in that respect. What is lacking though is sufficient input to actually improve the student's images and surely that is the whole point?

I have had several moments when I thought ' " well I never knew that". What I have not had is a even a minimal adjustment to my work that has been influenced by the course and I confess that I am close to abandoning it.

In summary, I would not recommend The Photography Institute to a friend.

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21 February 2014
Reviewer: Mla from UK

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I have recently completed the Photography institute Diploma.

Good points: made me use my cameras facilities better as when I came across something in course I went looking for more information online. I have a much better understanding of my camera and how to use it.

Negative points: having completed the course I feel that it is expensive for what it is. The text should keep your interest all the way though; although reasonable writing style did find it hard not to wander off sometimes. Feedback from tutors on assignments are often very generic answers with minimal personal input. If you want more you have to push for it. Assignments were a bit boring in the main. The last one being a self assessment which was such a let down for a last assignment as it was not marked so you were left with a "was that it" feeling.

All in all if I had my money to spend again I would use it very differently. If all you want is the diploma to hang on your wall fine but if you want some challenging where you feel you have really achieved something. do something else!

In summary, I would not recommend The Photography Institute to a friend.

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